when u use ur boobs to get someone to notice u



obama had done SEX before how can we let a SLUT rule the USA




I’m scared of heterosexuals. What do they want? 

your kik

haha and then what? ;)


cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER

the amount of drinks i would need to consider specific tattoos
0 drinks: a tattoo of an eye on my left ankle
1 drink: a daisy chain on my arm
2 drinks: a daisy chain on my leg
3 drinks: an egg on my leg
4 drinks: a matching egg on my other leg
5 drinks: gotye's face on my leg
6 drinks: gotye's face on my wrist
7 drinks: the piano tab to the back to the future theme on my back
8 drinks: gotye in the delorean on my chest
9 drinks: gotye holding an egg on my face
10 drinks: gotye's face over my face
11 drinks: gotye covered in paint like in the somebody i used to know video
12 drinks: who needs tattoos? plastic surgery to become gotye
13 drinks: legally change name to gotye
14 drinks: find gotye
15 drinks: fight gotye
16 drinks: become the one true gotye
17 drinks: rule the world as the gotye victorious
18 drinks: release song named "some gotye that i used to know"
19 drinks: regret life choices
20 drinks: who even let me into a tattoo parlour under the influence


dick longer than a middle schoolers instagram bio